Academic stuff?

  1. A Few Tricks That A Beginning Faculty Member Can Use To Obtain Tenure In A University Computer Science Department
  2. A quantum resolution of the author-ordering dichotomy
  3. How to Have a Bad Career in Research/Academia
  4. Burnout Prevention and Recovery
  5. Hardy-Littlewood Axioms

Non-Academic stuff?

  1. Mickens’s This World of Ours [Interesting read on non-problems in computer security]


  1. The Cost of Knowledge
  2. Defective by Design
  3. Stallman’s Copyleft: Pragmatic Idealism
  4. Stallman’s The Right to Read


  1. Advice, Not The Quantum Kind (by guest blogger Scott Aaronson)
  2. Rota’s Ten Lessons I wish I had been Taught
  3. Baez’s Advice for the Young Scientist
  4. Andy’s Making academic contacts (some thoughts for new researchers)
  5. Barak’s Advice for the budding theorist
  6. Karpathy’s A Survival Guide to a PhD1


  1. A history of the PCP Theorem
  2. History of quantum computing
  3. A Short History of Computational Complexity
  4. A Brief, Incomplete, and Mostly Wrong History of Programming Languages

P ?= NP Polls

  1. Poll 1: 2002
  2. Poll 2: 2012
  3. Poll 3: 2019

Bill and Lance’s Favourite Theorems

  1. 2005-2014
  2. 1995-2004
  3. 1985-1994
  4. 1975-1984
  5. 1965-1974

More Fun Stuff

  1. Things a _____ should do at least once… 2. CosMathPolitan

Paper Recommendations

  1. Oded’s Choices
  2. Vinod Vaikuntanathan’s Homomorphic Encryption References
  3. Daniele Micciancio’s Lattice Cryptography Links

Textbook Recommendations

  1. Chicken Soup for the Complexity Soul2


  1. Lamport’s How to Present a Paper
  2. Halmos’s How to Write Mathematics
  3. Krantz’s A Primer of Mathematical Writing
  4. Cochrane’s Writing Tips for Ph.D. Students
  5. Peyton Jones’s How to write a great research paper
  6. Widom’s Tips for Writing Technical Papers


  1. Schneier’s The Eternal Value of Privacy

  1. I found this really helpful. It covers a lot of ground from whether one should do a PhD to how to structure a paper. 

  2. You can see my some of progress here