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One rainy day, while waiting for a bus, I realized that I say some crazy shit on twitter. Also, that I love my job. I am not a lawyer but I want to make some things clear.



All opinions expressed are solely my own. They may not be shared by my employer or any other organization that I am affiliated with.

Changing Opinions

I might change my mind about anything, and I have changed my mind on lots of things over the years. A post or a tweet is a reflection of my thoughts at that instant in time. I will not take the responsibility of notifying you every time I change my opinion about something.

All original content is “copyright [me] [year of posting]”. Feel free to quote any reasonable amount1 of my content with a link to the original post.

No Endorsements Here

A mention (or a retweet) is not an endorsement. More generally, as of February 2021, I am not making any endorsements.

Future Accuracy

This information is provided as is with no warranties express or implied. In particular, the links provided may be broken in the future.

No Advice From Me

This information is for information purposes only and cannot be interpreted as investment or other advice, nor is it to be relied on in making an investment or other decision.

Money Money Money (Earnings Disclaimer)

Due to the nature of markets, I cannot assure that a given investment strategy will be successful. All recommendations are based on market conditions at the time, and may change. In particular, I may, in the future, hold positions not consistent with views expressed here. Also, investing in stocks is risky!!

Making Money

As of February 2021, I do not make any money from my blog or from my twitter.

  1. use your judgement. :D