Sanketh Menda

Hello! 👋

I am a 🧑‍💻/🧑‍🔬/🧑‍🎓 (aka PhD student in Computer Science) at Cornell, broadly interested in computer security and privacy.

Outside of research, I also contribute to ResistFingerprinting/Tor Browser.

Previously, I was an undergraduate student in Computer Science at Waterloo, where I spent a bunch of time hanging out at the Institute for Quantum Computing, some of it officially, where I drank a lot of espresso and learnt a little quantum computing.

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The best way to reach me is to email at .

I prefer he/him or they/them pronouns.

I am @__sanketh on Twitter and @sgmenda on GitHub.

Other (Old, Obsolete) Writings

Canvas Tainting for Fingerprint Resistance, a Tor Browser Proposal that I co-authored.

Post on Cryptographic Fuzzy Hashing, now out-of-date.

Old Blog with lots of my undergrad ramblings.

Obvious Disclaimer. Everything I say on the internet, unless explicitly marked otherwise, is my personal view and may not be shared by organizations I am currently or was previously affiliated with.